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Learning Conversation

Oct 15, 2019

017: Learning as Opportunity Mindset: Undoing Schooling for more Wisdom and Wellness

Parents, students, and teachers of all kinds will appreciate this podcast which is a reading of Part V: Learning from the Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human: A Self-Study Guide for Wellness (2019, Amazon)

After 14 years as a Humanities educator, I quit teaching in public high school because the American education system is built in a way that discourages authentic learning for wisdom and wellness, demonizes failure, and values competitive achievement to the detriment of personal wellness rooted in balance and wholeness. The system is dying rapidly because it is too slow to update itself to suit modern life. (This doesn't mean it isn't necessary, that it doesn't do a lot of good, or that it cannot transform!)

My current goal as a student of mental health and yoga teacher is to bring a wisdom curriculum to students-- which is not only young people and their parents-- but ALL people because humans are built for continual learning, as learning IS vitality. We could do with a bit less schooling in its current form and a lot more wisdom.  

Part of the Landscapes for Learning mission is to promote a way of being in the world that is rooted in life-long learning not necessarily for personal gain or social power but for personal wisdom and wellness. It's learning that emphasizes cooperation and competence, encourages people to "go vertical"* with their learning (i.e to travel their inner landscape through self study for self-realization) not only horizontal, and to reconnect with their "unconditioned"* true nature!

Learn more about learning, vulnerability, and proper parenting (of self and your children) for wisdom and wellness!

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*I mentioned in this podcast another podcast of Eckard Tolle by SoundsTrue where he explains this "horizontal" part of life and the "unconditioned" self.  

Bakis, M. (2019) Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human: A Self-Study Guide for Wellness Amazon, Amazon Kindle