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Landscapes for Learning

Jun 1, 2018

"A Parent-Teacher Conference about Values" is a solo episode about my book-in-progress It's Not About The Grades: Love for Learning Beyond Schooling which I hope to revise and publish in the coming months. I provide a brief, yet incomplete, overview of the book in progress and read an excerpt from a chapter that is about the parent-teacher conference I wanted to have while a high school teacher but never really could. Now that I have resigned from my position, I am able to discuss what I see as the critical piece missing from a complete education for high school students as it is severely overshadowed and drowned out completely by the over-valuing of grades. 

I invite parents and schools into a conversation about a serious reflection on their values and our culture's values and the mental health of teens, not merely to help kids to be successful students and achievers but rather to be whole, healthy, individual human beings who are able to self-actualize and blossom throughout their lives. 

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