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Learning Conversation

Jun 27, 2022

28 min.   Maureen and Pierre discuss Covid and the Pandemic, asking the question:  what were unexpected outcomes from sheltering in place.  Pierre relates how conversation changed.  People relearning conversation.  With social distancing, cocktail party or dinner party conversation changed to one person speaking at a time at a socially distanced table.  Hence, if there were 4 people separate outdoors at 2 tables, all 4 people listened to the person speaking.  Maureen relates how social distancing and sheeting in place slowed society down.  More opportunity to reflect on activity.  There is a discussion of introverts v extroverts; and how they fared during the pandemic.  Conversation wraps with learning within the landscapes of our lives, the meaning of love, is love the opposite of fear, sufferings' role in human affairs, non-judgmental lessening ego, musings on the Golden Rule and the importance of, loving ourselves.  Enjoy!