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Landscapes for Learning

Sep 23, 2019

It may seem foolish and overly-simplistic to encourage people to know who they are and why this process of self-study matters so much, but I would argue that we don't know ourselves nearly as well as we think nor nearly as much as we should! 

In this podcast, I outline the five directions that make up the "Self-Study Wheel" found in my Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human: A Self Study Guide for Wellness, 2019, Amazon). It turns out to be a nice description of the elements in the book. Once you hear the overview, you'll want to get the tools and practices in the book and start observing yourself in more ways to self-actualize!

I recorded this to prepare for a workshop I will be presenting at a Bikram Yoga studio nearby and hopefully in many more venues in the future. I believe high school and college students could use this wisdom sooner rather than later, as I only recently learned about this map and directions to know myself for wellness and fulfillment and wish I had gotten it much earlier in my life.

Having worked with teenagers as a high school teacher/coach and raising four of my own, the self-study curriculum I created is the soft-skills and wisdom we neglect or is found wanting in modern parenting and schooling which is overly-focused on outcomes/results rather than process; grades instead of personal growth and character development; and comparison and competition rather than cooperation and competence. We need more human literacies training for more connection, love, personal responsibility, and self-care. I hope this podcast and my book helps.

Have a listen to get inspired to be yourself!